How to Cut Yorkie’s Hair?

Hair Cut of Yorkie
Hair Cut of Yorkie Flickr

Most of the puppy owners believe that grooming is something which adds to the cuteness of a dog and enhances its appearance. On the contrary, grooming has not only this aspect but without regular and proper grooming routine, many health problems can arise. Cutting and trimming your Yorkie’s hair is part of its grooming essentials.

On the internet especially youtube, you may find a lot of tutorials and videos on cutting Yorkie’s hair. But if you are beginner then you need to know some basic rules. Here we will guide you about those!

To begin with, you should know that there are few parts of your dog’s body where you should leave no hair or at least shorten them as much as possible. Mostly it’s the rectum zone and the ear channel zone.

So, here are some tips, which will surely let you be an expert groomer!

Preparation is a must!

You need to prepare your Yorkie and the area of its body for cutting or trimming its hair. Bathing your Yorkie before haircut is a good idea. It softens the hair and becomes easier to handle. Combing and brushing is also the key preparation. Do it on wet hair and remove any tangles. You can use organic oils and leave-in conditioner too.

But beware! Always use products specialized for the dogs and specifically, Yorkie.

Things needed to cut Yorkie’s hair

It is recommended to seek the help of any of your friend. An extra hand can hold your dog and you can easily and safely do the haircut. As far as tools are concerned, you need dog scissors, comb, and clippers (at least 1 inch long).


  1. Use clippers to separate the sections off Yorkie’s hair. Make sure they are not very hot. Also, put some oil for better results.
  2. If it is a first-time haircut for Yorkie then take care to relax and comfort him especially while introducing clippers.
  3. Gently shave the area, distract Yorkie to avoid unwanted movement.
  4. For the beginning, choose a simple hairstyle, use scissors to cut hair around ears, but avoid clippers or any instrument.

Best of Luck for your first haircut now!

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