Cute Yorkie Haircuts

Yorkie Hair Cuts
Yorkie Hair Cuts

Yorkshire Terrier is unique in the sense that you can experiment and play with various hairstyles and cuts. Basically, it is considered that there are only two variants of dog hair cut – puppy cut or long show dog style. But, there is plenty of variety in haircuts. Come let’s discover!

Long or Short Yorkie Haircuts?

This depends on the owner’s choice and your Yorkie’s daily routine and activities. A short haircut is usually preferred because it needs less frequent grooming and remains clean for a longer period of time.

But if you have plenty of time and likeness for longer hairstyles, you can opt for various aesthetic choices. However, it is time taking and needs frequent grooming.

Different Yorkshire Terrier Hairstyles

Show Trim

This style is devised in compliance with the rules of the American Kennel Club in which the hair are kept in a natural state. You can trim the hair on coat, ears, and feet to get a neat and tidy look. You may tie a bow or knot to keep away hair from eyes.

Puppy Cut

This is the most famous cut for puppies of younger age. In this cut, all the hairs are clipped in similar length, usually about one or two inches.

Squared Puppy Cut

This can be taken as a variant of puppy-cut. Hairs on the face are clipped in a square shape, using a bit of gel. You may also add rounded pom poms on Yorkie’s ankles.

Schnauzer Cut

In this kind of cut, Yorkie’s black hairs are clipped shorter (about half an inch) than the tan portions (about two inches) hairs on the eyes are kept away with top-knots.

Flared Cut

The hair is clipped short all over except hocks and forehead.

Westie Cut

In this cut, hairs are clipped 1 inch away from the floor. Hairs around ears and face are shaved rounded.

3-Layer Cut

In this haircut, the first layer goes from head till shoulders (about 1.5 inches), second from shoulder till back, and third comes from Yorkie’s legs till floor.

A Few Helpful Tips

  • Take services of professional groomer for the haircut
  • Show a picture of the haircut you want for your pup
  • Choose haircut/style you can afford to maintain

When could the first cut be done?

Yorkie should be at least one year of age for the first haircut, otherwise, you cannot achieve your desired results.

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