Are Bananas Good for Yorkshire Terrier?

Yorkshire terrier-Are bananas good for them
Yorkshire terrier-Are bananas good for them Flickr

Yorkshire Terriers are considered among the most energetic breeds. Moreover, they are very delicate dogs by nature and need immense care. It is essential to provide a portion of healthy and safe food to the Yorkies to keep them healthy. Many people provide the same food to their dogs which they eat themselves, and a banana is one of the healthiest items. But, are bananas beneficial for the Yorkies or not?

Bananas are a good choice for the Yorkshire Terrier

Owners of many Yorkies prefer the bananas to feed their dogs, as they enjoy the taste. Moreover, bananas not only pleasant in taste but also contain nutritive ingredients. Yorkies are usually vegans but they love to eat bananas. Bananas are good for the Yorkies and able to meet the dogs’ health requirements. In addition, Yorkies also like milk and meat products. Fruits are their preferred choice that includes oranges, kiwis, pears, apples, etc and many people give fruit juices to the dogs.

Why bananas are beneficial for Yorkies?

Potassium is very beneficial for health and the banana is rich in potassium, which is the best choice for your Yorkie. If you want to provide the precise and ideal performance of enzyme by potassium then the banana is the right option. It not only makes the dog healthy but also makes its muscles strong. As Yorkies are delicate and frightened, bananas can make them stronger not only physically but also beneficial to make them mentally strong. Regular fluid balance can also be maintained by giving them bananas. To give a fantastic breakfast to your dog, it is recommended to add some peanut butter and beaten eggs in the chopped banana.

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