What are Most Common Eye Infections Faced by Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkie with Eye Problems
Yorkie with Eye Problems

Yorkies are very fragile, therefore it is necessary to know about the minor problems of this breed so that the owner may be able to take care of the dog in an effective manner. This article is very informative regarding the Yorkshire Terrier’s eye problem. Moreover, there is an interesting relation to the eye color with the coat of the dog.

Connection between the Yorkshire Terrier’s Coat and Eye Color

Not only in Yorkies but in humans, there is a reflective coating known as tapetum that is located at the back side of the retina. The tapetum is very useful to reflect the light and generally, it is colorful but at times it is colorless. If the Yorkie’s eyes are blue or green in color then the tapetum is colorful. On the other hand, the Yorkie with red vessels on the whites of the eyes has a colorless tapetum. Puppies with thick and soft coat have hazel or light brown eyes.

General Eye Problems In Yorkies


Inflammation is the result of many other health issues, seek out eye advice from a veterinarian. At times, drinking of plenty of water, less brightness of the eye color, harsh redness of the eyes cause inflammation.

Eye Dryness

In Yorkies, the eye dryness might lead to soreness and pain. There are various causes that affect the eye such as bad nutrition, miss-firing thyroid, wrong medicine, and eye wound. Drops and surgery are the appropriate ways to cure eye dryness.

Corneal Dystrophy

This is a quite serious condition of the Yorkie’s eye. The most common symptoms are additional tissue appear in the eye and gray shade of the eye. The infection can be cured in a very convenient manner in its early stage.

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