How to Groom a Yorkie at Home

How to groom Yorkie at home
How to groom Yorkie at home

Grooming a Yorkshire Terrier is not at all a tough task, however, there are a few things necessary to understand and follow. Here, we will equip you with all the essential tips and guidelines to groom your little buddy at home!!!

Yorkie’s Schedule of a Bath

Unlike bigger dogs, which jump into the pond to clean and bathe on their own, a Yorkie needs the full attention of the owner in this regard. The second vital thing is the time intervals between baths. Experts advise that a Yorkie should be given a bath every 3 weeks.

Yorkie Bathing Do’s and Dont’s

  • Bathing your pup too often can cause its skin to dry out, resulting in irritation and even allergies. Another thing is scrubbing your dog too harshly while shampooing will also prove to be dangerous for its hair and skin.
  • If you bathe your Yorkie less often, then your puppy has chances to get allergies and skin diseases. Its hygiene will be affected causing bad odor and oily coat.

Important Yorkie grooming tips to take under consideration

Here are some basic and concrete rules to follow, if you want to groom your pup at home

  • Do not use common human shampoo on Yorkie. Dogs have different pH level which gets disturbed when a harsh shampoo is used, causing irritation and inflammation.
  • Indulge in brushing and combing before bathing Yorkie, this will help in detangling Yorkie’s coat.
  • Rinse shampoo or the conditioner thoroughly with water. The leftover elements can cause allergies and dry skin.
  • It is recommended to invest in a good quality canine bath brush.
  • In the case of male Yorkie, use canine cleansing wipes to clean that area after urination. If you have female Yorkie, then clean the anus area.

More details about brushing and combing

Proper combing and brushing help to keep Yorkie’s skin healthy and shinier coat. Especially if you have long-haired Yorkie, then it helps a lot.

Here are a few essential tips

  • Brush Yorkie’s coat daily.
  • Gently detangle Yorkie’s hair with brush/comb/fingers before bathing.
  • Do not brush Yorkie’s coat when totally dry. Apply some leave-in conditioner.
  • Comb Yorkie’s hair by dividing them into sections.
  • Grooming will be at its best with proper tools. Go for rubber tipped pin brush or boar-bristle brush.
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